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Before you book we recommend you try out our estimate calculator! Move the sliders to select options to help you price an estimate for your move.

+ What We Do

  • Move household and commercial goods
  • Assemble and disassemble furniture
  • Pack your boxes
  • Pack and load your vehicles: box trucks, vans, and containers
  • Wrap furniture
  • Operate your lift gates, ramps, bulkheads, elevators
  • Secure the load
  • + What We Provide

  • Big-wheel hand truck
  • 4-wheel furniture dolly
  • Hammer, screwdriver set, allen wrench set
  • Lifting straps
  • + How We Charge

    $35/hr/mover(3 hour minimum) + booking fee

    + Portal To Portal

    Billing for your move begins when pros leave to the job site and ends when the pros return from the job

    + Additional Information

  • 30% Markup on additional supplies (upon request)
  • Additional charges: Piano and oversized goods
  • + How do I know what size of truck to purchase?

    Since we do not own or operate moving vehicles, the size of the truck is largely up to you and the rental truck company. Here is an easy way to calculate the size of truck:

    1) Determine how many rooms are in your house, including: bathrooms and common areas.

    2) Multiply the number of rooms by 150.

    3) Whatever this number happens to be, it is used as a cubic-foot measurement for the space in the moving truck. For example, if you have three rooms, you need 450 cubic-feet of moving truck space.

    + How soon should I schedule my move?

    We are flexible and have crews readily available, but calling a few days beforehand is always best solution for scheduling your move.. If you are scheduling within 24 hours of your move, we can’t necessarily guarantee that we will have movers available.

    + How do the movers pack the truck?

    We typically load box’s first, followed by rectangular furniture items, box springs and mattress, then appliances and couches, and lastly loose items (e.g. lawn mower, treadmill, outdoor furniture, flowering pots, and bicycles). We always place and stack heavy items on bottom, and light items on top.

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