Moving Fellows, Portland, Oregon

Moving Fellows, Portland, Oregon


We are licensed and insured.

We move it all. #FellowsFullService

+ What We Do

  • Manpower + truck
  • pickups, vans, 10-26ft box trucks (with or without lift gates).
  • Full-service household and commercial goods moving
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • On-demand deliveries
  • Pack and Load service
  • + What We Provide

  • Straps/tiedowns
  • Bulkhead
  • Moving Pads
  • Handtruck
  • 4-wheel dolly
  • + How We Charge

    Two movers + truck hourly range

    $105.10/hr - $119.40/hr + Booking Fee

    - Portal To Portal

    Billing for your move begins when we begin driving to your load address and ends when we return the truck to its starting point

    See the pdf links below for a list of of our area specific tariff rates for the Portland, Eugene, and Salem Service Areas as supplied by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

    Before you book we recommend you try out our estimate calculator! Move the sliders to select options to help you price an estimate for your move.

    All of our rates are supplied from the ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation)


    Are you looking for someone to haul your junk or donation items?

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    Please note that being a full service company comes with many bureaucratic  oversights. ODOT regulates our rates and tells us what to charge.