UHAUL discount codes

(Moving) - How to Get a Discount at UHAUL (UHAUL discount codes?)

Renting a moving truck can get a little expensive. Especially if you factor in gasoline, moving supplies, and storage rooms. Moving can become very expensive. Some moving companies may participate in matching prices with competitors however U-haul does not offer price matching. One thing U-haul does offer though is discounts and it’s still possible to get a lower cost for your move.


  • Make sure to verify with U-haul rental to ensure that it matches your rental needs. If the rental is not the exact size you asked for from the exact location that you requested and available for pick up at the exact time you requested, the company will pay you $50. This $50 can be applied as a discount on your rental.
  • Check the “Discounts and Specials” section of the U-Haul website. You can view current promotions that are available to renters. These promotions can save you money on trucks, storage, moving supplies and other items. To apply a discount, click on the promotion link.
  • Use a U-Haul discount code to receive a discount off your rental. Many online websites advertise discount codes you can use.
  • apply for a business services account. U-Haul usually offers discounts to businesses that rent frequently. To apply for a business services account, complete the online request form or telephone a a business services manager at 800-528-6042