(Moving) - What a Californian has To Say About Moving to Eugene, Oregon

Southern California to Eugene, Oregon?? Might seem like a huge change, in fact it might be. If you’re from Southern California you might be used to sunny skies, nice weather, fast paced type of living right? Well Eugene life is a little more slower than that of California. The culture, people, food, even the streets may seem different. If you’re from SoCal you’re probably used to 5 lane freeways, highways stacked on top of each other, but once you get to Oregon it’s mainly a two lane highway that connects you to all the major cities in Oregon.  I guess you can say that makes driving a bit easier and less confusing than driving in Southern California. One thing though that Eugene has that Southern California may not have all the time is clean brisk air without the smog or pollution. This makes “Track town USA” which is the nickname for Eugene easier to run in and not worry about inhaling dirty air. If you like laid back living, slow paced lifestyle and hippies than Eugene is the place for you. Also keep in mind that Oregon has no sales tax which makes shopping less expensive :)

My Experience Moving To Eugene, Oregon

My experience moving to Eugene was very unique. First of all my name is Ryan Chico and I am a fellow student mover who works for movingfellows. I’m here to tell you first hand about my journey moving from Los Angeles California to Eugene Oregon. Living in LA can be tough, especially with this economy now a days, I looked into places to move to and Eugene caught my attention. I embarked on my journey to Eugene and once i hit the Oregon border i seen a huge difference from California, it seemed like once you crossed that border it got a lot colder. Cold weather was something i was not accustomed to but i had to realize that i had to adapt to the cold. Overall I would say my experience living in Eugene Oregon has been wonderful! I love the college atmosphere, the bar life and the small local restaurants. Anyone who is looking to live in Eugene, Oregon i highly recommend it, less crime as oppose to california, not as fast paced and beautiful scenery. Just remember to bundle up and keep warm because Eugene can get mighty cold and wet!

Top 5 Nightlife| Movingfellows review

If you are looking for nightlife, Eugene has a variety of bars, breweries, and small clubs that you will fancy. Here is our Top 5 Nightlife spots, as listed by you typical 20 yr old:


Taylor’s Bar and Grille.  If you like to get ‘hyphy’ with college kids, come to Taylor’s. Located near the heart of the campus, this bar has been catering to college kids since 1922.  It has two bars, two pool tables, a shuffleboard, and a great dance floor. It’s loud and a perfect place for having a crazy good old time. Dollar Beers, “Dollas,” “$Beers” or “DBs” is a campus tradition at Taylor’s Bar and Grille that happens every Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.


New Max’s Tavern.  Located near campus on 13th st, is pretty much the best place little bar place in the world...especially around 1:50am.  Just before 2am is a special tradition - table dancing to songs like “Sweet Carroline”, “Shout”, “Like a Virgin”or anything by Journey. Here is a little spoiler: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK93mA1CQOQ . This tavern also comes with a local urban legend. Apparently, Moe’s from The Simpsons show is directly inspired from this place. When you go there, the layout is similar, and there are even pickled eggs, just like Moe’s. Also: this place is always great for taking in a few carbs, or a little something for soaking up all the ‘liquid’ before heading home for the night.


Agate Alley Bistro. Agate Alley is “a touch of Latin and Asian flair, in a warm and inviting atmosphere that compliments the wonderfully quirky community we live in.” Come meet the indigenous Eugenians, and try Agate Alley signature and magnificently eclectic cocktail. This is place is as classy as bars in Eugene get. With great food!


The Cooler Restaurant and Bar. The Cooler is a very good sports bar. It has everything you would want in a sports bar. Good drink specials, hot blondes, many big screen TV’s, and tasty appetizers. It’s located near Autzen stadium, which makes it great after party place to meet up with friends. Fill your tummy with battered fish & chips, drink a ‘fish bowl’, and enjoy a barn-like facility with plasma screen galore.


The Bier Stein.











-    ‘Beermuda triangle’(seehttp://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g51862-s402/Eugene:Oregon:Nightlife.html).

-    Whitaker neighborhood and their local breweries (seehttp://www.yelp.com/biz/ninkasi-brewery-eugene).

-    The Roc (http://www.nightouteugene.com/bars/147610/the-rok-nightclub).

-    Agate Alley http://agatealley.com/ (note: quality bar and restaurant).

And more:

-    check out our Saturday Market (see videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQR2Y4QctWI).

-    Autzen stadium (see videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_P1PPy7FTo).

Eugene's Top Ten Places to Eat | Movingfellows Reviews

- Laughing Planet Cafe. This goofy named, funky feelin’, abstract menu carrying, “bus your own table”, “vegan this, veggie that” restaurant is a ‘hungry hippie’ surprise. Immerse yourself in a film of liveliness; dreadlocked children, toy dinosaurs, and bohemian color scheme. Revolutionize your palate with the “Che Guevara” ingredients of smart black beans, plantains, sweet potatoes, organic brown rice, pico de gallo, and spicy bbq sauce.  Voice your opinion in community-building forum, discover “Holy Mole”, and realize ambient human laughter. Emancipate yourself from dull-food slavery; none but Laughing Planet Cafe can free your taste.  


My favorite: Bollywood Bowl. A bowl of Grilled Draper Valley naatural chicken breast, fresh veggie medley, spinach and chickpeas on a bed of brown rice served with Southern Indian spicy coconut sauce.


- Turtles Bar & Grill. Located on 2690 Willamette St Eugene, OR 97405 (only location). If you are from the South Eugene area, this is a great place to bring the fam.  Dine with your neighbors, and listen to upbeat room filling sound in “The Loft”. Most of all though, the salad choice is amazing. She is uniquely dressed, sometimes layered with onion and sesame, but always well-proportioned, beet driven, with garbanzo’s to go along. Turtles just ‘salads’ differently.


My favorite: The Blackened Salmon Salad


- Humble Bagel Co. Located at 2435 Hilyard St., this Eugene landmark is the center of civilian livelihood. There is a general weekday ‘ebb and flow’ to the place, and it goes a little like this:  Lunchtime ushers in middle schoolers from Roosevelt MS, Axemen come for an hearty/affordable high school snack, and Ducks to their early morning college cram and caffeine fix. In the back room, older men read/debate The New York Times, and the working class prepare for the day with a plate of “Egg on Bagel”. Even dogs come to get in on the bagel action. Interesting enough, at 5pm, the Humble Bagel Co. is transformed into the Humble Beagle Pub.


My favorite: Toasted cheese bagel with butter, marionberry muffin, and an Odwalla beverage.


- King Estates Winery. Located near Creswell, twenty-five minutes from South Eugene, is a beautiful 1,033 acre European-style estate, brimming with fruit, vegetable, floral gardens, and a 470 acre organic vineyard. Charm your date or longtime spouse with a countryside drive, a home-grown wine taste, and chowder bowl for lunch. When it comes to delicacy and elegance this restaurant is pure excellence. Treat yourselves like Kings! Deliver yourself from mediocrity. Introduce your loved-one(s) to fineness, and experience nourishment and cuisine that is a natural reflection of Oregon’s seasonal ‘comings and goings’.  Lastly, savor the “catch of the day” from fisherman Jacob, artisan cheese from Mariano the cheesemaker, and lamb from rancher John.  If you get a chance, holler at our buddy Joe King at the wine tasting table. Since we referred you, he’s obligated to crack two and a half jokes, and possibly, a tour of the wine cellar. : )


My Favorite:  Wild Chinook Salmon with garlic sausage, potato gnocchi, buttered leeks, and aged balsamic paired with King Estate Signature Pinot Noir.


- Brail’s Restaurant. Voted the “Best Hangover Restaurant” by the Eugene Weekly, the Brail’s Restaurant does what it can to keep Eugenians going strong. We, movingfellows, love it there too! Consistency, punctual service, and their carbo-loaded energy boosting hash browns make the Brail’s Restaurant our routine. Joy, the owner, is a ‘force of nature’, who keeps the joint real spunky, and her crew, on-track and fastidious. The mixture of a ‘Real American Dining’ and Korean influence is peculiar, but this is also an aspect that makes Brail’s Restaurant: a breath of fresh air.


My favorite: “The Hangover Breakfast”


- Voodoo Doughnut Co. Located downtown on 20 E Broadway is a crazy place. If you are feeling courageous, sweet-toothed, and caprice, then you need to go there... right now! Try donuts like: the “Bacon Maple Bar”, the “Gay Bar”, the “Dirty Snowballs”, and the “No Name”.


My favorite: The “Captain my Captain” doughnut.


- Sweet Basil - Thai Restaurant. Located at 1219 Alder St, Eugene, OR 97401 (on campus). First of all, Eugene offers many great Thai cuisine for such a small college town. Sweet Basil - Thai Restaurant is just happens to be the favorite.  Whether it is the ‘hole in the wall’ effect, the steamy pore poppin’ thai chillies, curry aroma, or Khun John manipulating the wok, Sweet Basil - Thai Restaurant is always a great option. Other than the one on campus, try the one downtown; Sweet Basil: The Elegance of Thai Cuisine. Same Sweet Basil, just a slightly different motif. Enjoy the most authentic Thai cuisine around!


My favorite:  Pad Kee Mao. Fresh wide rice noodles stir-fried with egg, green onions, bell peppers, fresh chili paste, and basil leaves with a side of bean sprouts.


- Burrito Boy Taqueria. Are you a college student? Is it 1:00am?


Whatever time it is, whatever your state of mind, this is one of those staple “I’m so hungry...I could eat a mexican hippo” type restaurants. Burrito Boy Taqueria’s are specifically located to fix your hunger needs and/or ‘drunchie’ desires. The employee’s are genuinely nice, the hot sauce is auténtico, and the price is right. If you are famished, but have to run, get an order to go. There are multiple locations in Eugene, OR. Note: We’ve met the actual “Burrito Boy” and he’s the coolest kid in school.


My favorite: The Wet Carne Asada Burrito


- McMenamins. McMenamins, the chain, has Oregon written all over it.  It’s made up of 65 brewpubs, microbreweries, music venues, theatre pubs, and historic hotels.  The McMenamins Co. is also one of the top 50 largest craft breweries in the United States. McMenamins features NW pub fare and handcrafted ales and wines. There are three locations in Eugene, all of them with something slightly different to offer. McMenamins North Bank is a good place to bring a date or spouse, and watch the sunset riverside.  Mcmenamins High St Brewery and Cafe is good for a cozy fire, and meeting your business associates.  Mcmenamins 19th St Cafe is perfect for college students, billiard play, soccer moms, and brunch before the big game.


My favorite: Anything that includes their signature brew “Ruby Ale” and fries. The Tater tots are bomb too!


- Cornucopia Dining & Entertainment. If you ask any Eugenian to list their top 5, this one tends to be right there. This restaurant, like the name implies: horn of plenty, symbol of abundance and nourishment; has a wonderful diversified menu. You can do the hummus plate, choose the soup of the day, or eat their award winning burger. Try their happy hour: Monday through friday, 3pm to 6pm. A Summer evening on their back porch on 17th St = Awesome!


My favorite: Gyro Sandwich. A toasted pita filled with Gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Tzatziki sauce. Served with a side Greek salad.


- Other Notables: Mcgrath's, Oregon Electric Station, Ron’s Island Grill, The Jail, The Beer Stein, Dough Co. Newman's Fish Co., Sushi Domo, Miso