Fellows Services

Slogan: Help Wanted. Evolved. 

Mission Statement: Fellow’s seeks to provide an array of practical home services at competitive rates, while delivering a convenient, on-demand, and transparent shopping experience.

Path to Success: In 2009 we started out as college guys offering basic ‘pack and load’ moving services at the University of Oregon. Operating remotely from our dorms with dollies and moving blankets, we provided muscle and a friendly helping hand. Today we continue that practice while offering additional services - from moving to cleaning to landscaping and more.

+ Focus on customer need and the rest will follow.

When we launched our first service, moving, we focused strictly on providing affordable moving muscle, and less on the malarkey that typically corresponds with full-service moving. We realized that a majority of customers prefer to rent their own truck, pack their own fragiles, and hire ‘pack & load’ moving help to do the heavy lifting. With our help, customers discovered the fact that they could save thousands of dollars via DIY moving.

We will all be freelancers one day? The future of work is about people living and working in ways they want. People should be able to work when they want, where they want, and at their own accord. That also means ‘Pride in ownership’ because it fosters feelings of self-worth and belonging within a community. At Fellows we want to create a world where people can do what they love most efficiently. We want to create a platform that recognizes individual merit, provides a spotlight for individual character, and promotes worker autonomous solutions for customers in need. We want to capitalize on the technology of peer-to-peer e-commerce to reshape a antiquated service industry that spends more time trying to tell customers how great they are instead of creating real value. The true value of services comes down to the individual, because the individual is the one performing the real work. The future of Fellows is a stage that promotes valuable services by democratizing the service arena, and giving individuals a greater voice. We are focused on home-services for now. 😊

+ Convenience is king.

We want to help create a world where it is easier to ask for help. A key piece for creating such awareness is providing a convenient shopping experience. We want to provide customers with the ability of requesting a workforce of their choice, at a time of their preference. We want to provide an alternative means of ordering homeservices by issuing customers with power of choice and selective control. We want to design a platform that eliminates the planning inherent in scheduling traditional home services, while giving the customer the peace of mind and control associated with choosing among a list of our properly trained and equipped staff in their area. We want to be as convenient as pizza delivery.

+ The customer is always right.

Since the customer’s home is our workplace, then that also must mean that the customer is commander and chief of operations. Inspired by this revelation, we have a heightened interest in providing a service that is properly equipped to recognize the customer's specific need. Ideally, we want to supply a workforce that is readily available, primed to respond quickly to customer need, and knows that the customer is boss. The right feedback loops and operating procedures allow us to deliver a workforce capable of pioneering the very best customer service solution.

+ Most people just need a friendly helping hand.

A valuable home service is friendly by nature. People don’t open their doors to unfriendly strangers, so why would they open a door to unfriendly services? Understanding the importance of being a helping hand is a promise we want to keep. We are your friendly neighborhood home service company. We want to help people with the things that matter the most to them - their home.

Our name is a testament to this promise: Fellows defined: a person in the same position, involved in the same activity, or sharing a particular quality and condition. Since jobs take place at a customer's home, much value is placed on working in unison with the customer. For many customers, they are just grateful to get help. Having a shared experience with another human being, and providing a helping hand is worth the cost of service alone.

+ Truth is agreement.

Nobody cares how great a company thinks it is, they care what everybody else thinks of them. It’s word of mouth. When enough people agree that a service is good, then, most likely, customer satisfaction will follow. By enabling people to voice their opinion, and providing a community discussion around our services, we believe we can customize an ideal customer service experience from what customers tell us. Reputation is pivotal to any service, and the success of a business can directly hinge on word of mouth of the community.

+ Fast is better than slow.

People hate waiting, and part of of delivering executional excellence is performing a service quickly and efficiently. We are fast because our deliverables are clear, and our objectives are precise. We focus on singular tasks, not the whole enchilada. Whether that’s booking a job, sending our service providers to the job, or completing the task at hand, doing it fast is always better than slow.

+ Alike services can be managed in similar ways.

Although we offer an array of different services, each of the services are deployed in the same way. The services we choose are ones that are straightforward, take on a like staff, and only include basic hand tools. We have identified over 30 homeservices that fit this criteria. Managing these services is all about getting the right service providers from point A to point B, and that is what we have discovered we are very good at.

+ Providing useful information is a benefit to everybody.

We want to provide the very best content and information related to homeservices. Whether that’s tips, hacks, or opinions, we want to tease out the best knowledge that our workforce posses. This information can be shared throughout our workforce, consumed by our customer base, and browsed by enthusiasts and general passer-byers. All people should have access to the very best information, and we intend to be an authority in providing home service information.

+ People prefer hourly rates, not quotes.

Homeservices should be straightforward, and so should pricing. Quoting is typically an inability to properly asses job costs, or worse, a deliberate attempt to gouge customers. Our cost structure is as simple as it has ever been - hourly rates.

+ You can be valuable without a uniform.

It’s always a good practice to stay true to yourself, and not to sugar coat your services. We put great stock in our workforce–energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds with creative approaches to work, play and life. Although we may dress casual or folksy, wear beads, sport individual logos, we are who we are and we are serious about what we do.

+ Individuals provide the real work done.

When a cleaner cleans your home, or a hairdresser cuts your hair, the core value of the work done is performed largely by the individual. Micro managing a home service operation is not a necessary, and can even undermine the passion and creativity of the service provider. The men and women who make up the workforce for home services want to say "I have my own business". The value of their services is optimized when the individual takes "pride in ownership". In turn, where most home service companies have it wrong is they are marketing the business, and not the individual. Individuals, not businesses, are the ones really providing the service.

(Moving) - How To Hire Movers

If you’re looking for help on simply loading and unloading your belongings from a moving truck then it’s best to hire movers instead of going with a full on moving company. If you already have a truck or just renting one a good alternative is to hire movers to help you load and unload your belongings.


  • When you’re looking to hire movers to help you load and unload your truck for you, they need to know what exact job it is so they can give you an accurate quote. Keep in mind you’re only hiring them for labor not for the truck rental

  • Make sure to know the size of the truck you’re renting so the movers can know what needs to be loaded and unloaded and also your itemized goods that also need to be loaded and unloaded. The movers will need to know if you have any particularly heavy pieces of furniture so the movers can know exactly how many movers will be needed for the job. Its also important to let them know if you have stairs or not.

  • Check craigslist. Many movers like to advertise themselves on Craigslist. Once you log onto Craigslist a direct link should be provided in the resources section. First click on the state you live in, then your city where you need to have the loading and unloading done at. Scroll down and look under the services heading. Click on Labor/move.

  • Thoroughly look through the movers who are advertising themselves for hire. Make sure to read each ad carefully and choose a couple to email

  • Make sure to ask questions when you decide to go with the movers you want to hire. Ask questions like if they are insured and also ask for references. Often students offer moving services so hire the ones that you are most comfortable with.

  • Call moving companies to hire movers to load and unload