(Moving) - How To Hire Movers

If you’re looking for help on simply loading and unloading your belongings from a moving truck then it’s best to hire movers instead of going with a full on moving company. If you already have a truck or just renting one a good alternative is to hire movers to help you load and unload your belongings.


  • When you’re looking to hire movers to help you load and unload your truck for you, they need to know what exact job it is so they can give you an accurate quote. Keep in mind you’re only hiring them for labor not for the truck rental

  • Make sure to know the size of the truck you’re renting so the movers can know what needs to be loaded and unloaded and also your itemized goods that also need to be loaded and unloaded. The movers will need to know if you have any particularly heavy pieces of furniture so the movers can know exactly how many movers will be needed for the job. Its also important to let them know if you have stairs or not.

  • Check craigslist. Many movers like to advertise themselves on Craigslist. Once you log onto Craigslist a direct link should be provided in the resources section. First click on the state you live in, then your city where you need to have the loading and unloading done at. Scroll down and look under the services heading. Click on Labor/move.

  • Thoroughly look through the movers who are advertising themselves for hire. Make sure to read each ad carefully and choose a couple to email

  • Make sure to ask questions when you decide to go with the movers you want to hire. Ask questions like if they are insured and also ask for references. Often students offer moving services so hire the ones that you are most comfortable with.

  • Call moving companies to hire movers to load and unload