Downsizing & Purging

Letting Go

Tired of that treadmill you never use taking up space in your place?


Downsizing to a smaller abode and need to get rid of all that extra stuff you’ve accumulated over the years?


Don’t stress, we all have to cleanse ourselves of extra baggage (mentally and physically) every once and awhile.


Often times moving can be an exhausting debate over what goes with you and what goes away.


The challenges of moving to a new house that may not fit that awesome set of furniture you got last Summer when your friends graduated and moved back east or a new apartment that doesn’t have the same amount of lighting to sustain your exotic plant collection you’ve been building since middle school can be exhausting.


Often times parting with possessions can be hard and sometimes downright painful.


Here at movingfellows™ we want to help you move and move on.


Luckily here in Lane County and throughout the Willamette Valley we have an abundance of second hand stores that can help you find a new home for everything from your old favorite t-shirts to that collection of Encyclopedia Britannica you never read.


An easy step to start would be to google thrift stores in your area as way to find locations closest to you.


Some more open-minded organizations that may be more accepting of some of your more “unique” possessions would be Goodwill, St. Vincent DePaul, and Salvation Army.


Remember we at movingfellows™ are here to help. Whether it’s to your new home or the local Dump we can be of assistance :)