Blankets Are Essential

An important factor in moving is having as many blankets as you can. Blankets are extremely important from keeping your furniture safe from scratching, especially if you have wood furniture. Having blankets also protect other items as well during a move and protects them from damaging. You can also use them to cover your valuable items in storage. Also if you need help renting blankets here are some ways you can do so.


  • Visit any moving company in your area such as U-Haul,Budget, or penske. Those moving companies carry many of the supplies you may need to prepare for your move, including blankets.

  • you may want to consider the various type of blankets available 1. skin blankets contain no padding. Most affordable blankets usually have the most padding.

  • Determine the type of blanket you will need. The thickness of the blanket will determine the protection it will provide for you. For example if you have a table with a glass top you’ll want to use the thickest type of blanket. But if you just want to protect furniture from getting dust a blanket with no padding will do the job.