Loading A Moving Truck

Loading a truck may seem very difficult and time consuming especially if you don’t want to damage any of your belongings. However there are certain techniques into loading a truck to speed up the process and make it go smooth as well. Learning to understand how to make certain pieces fit together and increase your available space is extremely important from protecting precious items. Never just toss items inside a moving truck without having a plan on how you want to maximize your space.


  • First step on loading a truck is to find help because most likely you might have to load heavy items and large boxes into the truck. Ask some friends or even relatives or you can also hire a helper to assist you with your move.

  • Make sure to rent the proper equipment. If you’re renting a moving truck you may want to confirm with the moving truck provider to see if it comes with a ramp and even a dolly to lift items onto the truck. Also make sure to have blankets so you can lay them on the ground so you can place your furniture on the moving blankets.

  • Remember to always disassemble larger items such as beds and tables to create more space in the moving truck. Make sure to wrap the pieces in cloth and put them in a box.

  • Always lift items properly to prevent an injury. Lift with your legs and not your back.

  • Load heavy items onto the truck. You want to start with the heaviest items and load these against the back of the wall of the moving truck. Make sure there’s a balance and keep items in an upright position.

  • Place long items on the sides of the truck so you can keep the area of the moving truck open. Middle of the truck is where you can start loading boxes and smaller non boxed items.

  • Bring heavy and light boxes onto the moving truck once your larger and non boxed items are all situated. Make sure to place light boxes on top of heavier boxes. After that make sure to place heavy items in front of your long items and heavier items. Load light boxes in the available space typically in the middle of the truck and stack boxes to maximize space.

  • also make sure to secure items against the wall by using rope or a cargo net so your items won’t shift.