Why There Got To Be So Many Types of Dolly's

When moving large items having a tool that can assist you in many ways is essential, such as a dolly. There are many types of dollies and they all have their different types of advantages. One type of moving dolly is a furniture moving dolly, usually furniture dollies have wheeled platforms made of either aluminum, plastic, wood or steel. They come in various designs and shapes in order to allow people moving to place any type of heavy equipment on them. The prices of furniture dollies depend on how simple or complex the specific dolly is and you can find them at coast ranging from thirty four to three hundred dollars.  Another type of furniture moving dolly is the carpeted solid type. This dolly makes it possible to carry furniture without causing scratches on the furniture items. It is therefore a good type of dolly to use when moving delicate or valuable furniture such as antiques. Carpeted dollies have thick layers of soft carpet on their platforms that can also help a person moving heavy furniture from hurting his or her legs on the sharp edges on corners present in other types of dollies. The other type of dolly available is the rubber end dolly. This dolly has a standard design made with hardwood that rests on swivel wheels. These dollies have a rubber layer that covers the platform’s surface that is ideal for protecting furniture from scratches. It also protects the legs of the person using it from injury while also grabbing the furniture item on it firmly. This will ensure that the furniture does not fall from the dolly when someone is moving it.