(Moving) - Who's Got the Bigger Truck?

So, you want a big moving truck to move your big house, but you’re wondering which one of the big three rental companies (U-Haul, Penske, Budget) in Eugene, Oregon is actually the biggest. Below is a side by side comparison of their largest truck sizes.  



26 ft U-Haul Truck                     26 ft Penske Truck                    24 ft Budget Truck


(23'5" L) x (7'8" W) x (8'3 T)     (24' L) x (7'5" W) x (7'5" T)       (24' L) x (7'5" W) x (7'5" T)

(179.5 square feet of floor space)   (192.9 square feet of floor space)   (178 square feet of floor space)


The important calculation to take note of between all three of these trucks is the actual square feet of floor space. The less floor space, the less room there is to make stacks. Lesser stacks means taller stacks. The taller the stack, the greater potential for damage because of instability and sheer weight.


Here are a few other things to consider:


  • U-Haul trucks typically have the wheel wells on the floor space. This also takes up a lot of unnecessary space.

  • U-Haul rentals have other equipment attached to the wall. This takes up space.

  • U-Haul trucks do have a "Mom's Attic" that we did not include in the measurements as it is only suitable for small/light items.

  • Penske trucks are rarely more than 2-3 years old. Their box sizes may differ slightly as they are constantly improving their design.