(Moving) - What a Californian has To Say About Moving to Eugene, Oregon

Southern California to Eugene, Oregon?? Might seem like a huge change, in fact it might be. If you’re from Southern California you might be used to sunny skies, nice weather, fast paced type of living right? Well Eugene life is a little more slower than that of California. The culture, people, food, even the streets may seem different. If you’re from SoCal you’re probably used to 5 lane freeways, highways stacked on top of each other, but once you get to Oregon it’s mainly a two lane highway that connects you to all the major cities in Oregon.  I guess you can say that makes driving a bit easier and less confusing than driving in Southern California. One thing though that Eugene has that Southern California may not have all the time is clean brisk air without the smog or pollution. This makes “Track town USA” which is the nickname for Eugene easier to run in and not worry about inhaling dirty air. If you like laid back living, slow paced lifestyle and hippies than Eugene is the place for you. Also keep in mind that Oregon has no sales tax which makes shopping less expensive :)