Top 5 Nightlife| Movingfellows review

If you are looking for nightlife, Eugene has a variety of bars, breweries, and small clubs that you will fancy. Here is our Top 5 Nightlife spots, as listed by you typical 20 yr old:


Taylor’s Bar and Grille.  If you like to get ‘hyphy’ with college kids, come to Taylor’s. Located near the heart of the campus, this bar has been catering to college kids since 1922.  It has two bars, two pool tables, a shuffleboard, and a great dance floor. It’s loud and a perfect place for having a crazy good old time. Dollar Beers, “Dollas,” “$Beers” or “DBs” is a campus tradition at Taylor’s Bar and Grille that happens every Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.


New Max’s Tavern.  Located near campus on 13th st, is pretty much the best place little bar place in the world...especially around 1:50am.  Just before 2am is a special tradition - table dancing to songs like “Sweet Carroline”, “Shout”, “Like a Virgin”or anything by Journey. Here is a little spoiler: . This tavern also comes with a local urban legend. Apparently, Moe’s from The Simpsons show is directly inspired from this place. When you go there, the layout is similar, and there are even pickled eggs, just like Moe’s. Also: this place is always great for taking in a few carbs, or a little something for soaking up all the ‘liquid’ before heading home for the night.


Agate Alley Bistro. Agate Alley is “a touch of Latin and Asian flair, in a warm and inviting atmosphere that compliments the wonderfully quirky community we live in.” Come meet the indigenous Eugenians, and try Agate Alley signature and magnificently eclectic cocktail. This is place is as classy as bars in Eugene get. With great food!


The Cooler Restaurant and Bar. The Cooler is a very good sports bar. It has everything you would want in a sports bar. Good drink specials, hot blondes, many big screen TV’s, and tasty appetizers. It’s located near Autzen stadium, which makes it great after party place to meet up with friends. Fill your tummy with battered fish & chips, drink a ‘fish bowl’, and enjoy a barn-like facility with plasma screen galore.


The Bier Stein.











-    ‘Beermuda triangle’(see

-    Whitaker neighborhood and their local breweries (see

-    The Roc (

-    Agate Alley (note: quality bar and restaurant).

And more:

-    check out our Saturday Market (see video

-    Autzen stadium (see video