Top 5 Moving Challenges

1. Packing

    Packing can be stressful and exhausting, however finding boxes that fit well and wrapping them tight  for safety and transport can save you from a great deal more. organizing what’s packed by the rooms of your house (ie. kitchen items go together) as well as labeling them by the room they came from can save you days of sorting later on down the road. It is often a good idea to start with seldom used items and then as you get close to departure you can pack items you use every day in a suitcase for easy access.


2. Moving Large Furniture and Other Items

    As this can be one of the biggest challenges, having movingfellows to assist you with large and heavy items can not only save you time and energy but also your health. With large furniture it also helps to have blankets for covering to provide cushion and protection to prevent damage.


3. Broken items

    Besides making a move faster, one of the biggest benefits of having movingfellows assist you in your move is in helping to prevent damage to your belongings. This starts with the basics by making sure everything is secure and safe and continues with our focus on moving everything with the utmost care.


4. Furniture May Not Fit Your New Home

    Sadly you may need to consider selling furniture or giving it away. Not all homes are alike and the reality is you may not find a place for everything. No one likes having to let go of something just because it doesn’t fit, however it does help to have a plan just in case. Be sure of what you will need and what you will not, as once you get to your new home it may be an unwelcome surprise to have to deal with sorting through everything to figure out what must go.


5. Storage

    In case one move isn’t enough, and all that extra stuff is inseparable, it’s best to schedule your unit in advance to coordinate dropping your belongings the same day as the move. Letting our movers know in advance that you’d like to coordinate an unloading at a storage prior to your final location will help us in organizing your belongings to make unloading as efficient as possible.