(Moving) - The Appliance Dolly

Typically an appliance dolly is used to move heavy appliances. Sometimes the weight of the appliances can be extremely heavy and bulky. Dollies are sometimes used by professional moving companies to load appliances and furniture onto moving trailers and vans. Straps attached to the dolly are sometimes used to make sure the appliances are in place. The wheels on the dolly make moving the appliances up and down stairs easier.


  1. Make sure to pull the appliance away from the wall and to unplug it.

  2. Turn the appliance so that the heaviest side is facing the dolly.

  3. You can also measure the width of the appliance to find the center point. Position the dolly so that its center is in the middle of the appliance’s center with the lift plate of the dolly facing the appliance.

  4. make sure to ask someone to help you tilt the appliance off the floor once it's placed on the dolly

  5. if the appliance has an electric cord make sure to tape it onto the appliance

  6. Then move the appliance to where you want it and then slowly tilt the dolly forward until the appliances rests squarely on the floor.