(Moving) - Should I Rent a Truck or Get a POD?

Typically when you move you think of getting a rental truck and the costs of it and also how much mileage they’ll charge you, moving can be very stressful! However the customary method of truck rental and hauling possessions is no longer the only method.  Another method is a storage pod! Storage pods are portable storage units you can rent monthly, daily, or weekly. The storage company will pick up the pod and either store it or deliver it to your new location.


Renting a truck

    Typically truck rentals are limited in terms of the usage period and incur charges when that period of time is exceeded. Pods don’t incur time charges until the delivery company picks up the pod for storage. Keep in mind that you can also load items into the pod at any time of day or night. Both pods and truck rentals allow you on how to manage how you move your belongings from one place to another. You can easily save money and the time you spend, as opposed to hiring a truck and moving crew as a package.