Planning Ahead

Whether you’re moving to Oregon for the first time or lived here you’re whole life moving can be a puzzle.


For many people moving isn’t an easy process no matter how many times you’ve done it. Sorting through your belongings deciding everything from how to keep it all organized to how it will all fit can get pretty overwhelming. Then of course there is the notorious debate we all often deal with throughout our lives of whether or not something should be kept and then the challenge of figuring out where it should go if we’re not going to keep it.


Well if any of these things are issues for you we at Moving Fellows hope to share some resources and techniques to help make this time for you a little easier. Often the first step can be the hardest, and not knowing where to begin can create quite the challenge.


Well if you’ve found us you’re already looking in the right place. The next thing to do often times is finding the right resources to get your stuff to where you want it to go.


As simple and silly as it may sound one of the most useful tools you will use while dealing with moving is the box. Ergonomic, recyclable, foldable, and reusable. Cardboard boxes are as common as they come, and most likely you have a few laying around the house right now. Well if you end up not having enough laying around the house it may help to know that there are quite a few different places out there that provide them in all sorts of sizes.


Some recommended businesses are: Home Depot, and Jerry’s (a local option if you're in the Eugene/Springfield area). These both tend to have some of the best selection as they are large warehouse home improvement centers.


Otherwise: Wal-mart, Fred Meyer’s, and most appliance stores will have a selection to choose from as well.


Once you’ve got all the boxes you need, all that’s left is putting your belongings in which ones you want. Some helpful techniques to save you time in the long run are keeping certain items boxed together, one way could be boxing kitchen items together, while items from another room in your home can be placed in other boxes. Another simple but often overlooked technique is labeling, as you put certain things together it can save you hours to label which box is which instead of having to go through everything just to find out where that one appliance went.


From there most of the work after that can then be left to us, and you're almost home free :)