Packing A Box

Moving can be very stressful and tedious, especially having to pack boxes and knowing the proper techniques on how to pack a box. Here are few simple ways on how to pack a box and make your move that much easier on yourself. First step on packing a box is to pack one room at a time and start with the items that are least often used. For example if you rarely use a certain type of china set that would be a perfect item to start packing first. Second step that one shall do while preparing to pack boxes and items is to write down a list of everything you are going to pack, in particular if it’s valuable. Some examples would be books, CD’s, expensive clothing, pictures etc. Also you should take note of which item is in which box. The third step on how to properly pack a box is to always make sure that you use sturdy boxes. Make sure to fill the box to the brim and to seal the lid with strong lasting tape. Reason for making sure to fill the box to the brim and to seal is to easily stack boxes on top of each other. Another extremely important  step to packing a box is to always tape the bottom of the box securely so that it doesn’t give way. The fifth step of packing a box is to never fill a box until it gets too heavy that you’re not able to lift it safely. Make sure to spread the heavy items over a few boxes and to balance boxes with lighter items for example use towels or soft toys and to pack the lighter items on top.  Another important step is to use bubble wrap or newspapers when packing fragile items. However newspaper may smudge your items so make sure to be selective on the newspaper you use. You can also buy clean paper from moving supply stores. Make sure to always mark your boxes especially if they’re fragile for example write with a sharpie on a box that may have fragile items and mark “fragile” and also mark “this side up” to prevent mishandling. Also make sure to label each box clearly and and which room it belongs to make sure to also write on the side of the box. Last step is to pack a separate box of essentials you may need for the first night at your new house. For example items such as toiletries, toilet paper, bottled water, snacks, and a change of clothes in case you cannot unpack everything in time.