My Experience Moving To Eugene, Oregon

My experience moving to Eugene was very unique. First of all my name is Ryan Chico and I am a fellow student mover who works for movingfellows. I’m here to tell you first hand about my journey moving from Los Angeles California to Eugene Oregon. Living in LA can be tough, especially with this economy now a days, I looked into places to move to and Eugene caught my attention. I embarked on my journey to Eugene and once i hit the Oregon border i seen a huge difference from California, it seemed like once you crossed that border it got a lot colder. Cold weather was something i was not accustomed to but i had to realize that i had to adapt to the cold. Overall I would say my experience living in Eugene Oregon has been wonderful! I love the college atmosphere, the bar life and the small local restaurants. Anyone who is looking to live in Eugene, Oregon i highly recommend it, less crime as oppose to california, not as fast paced and beautiful scenery. Just remember to bundle up and keep warm because Eugene can get mighty cold and wet!