Moving A Tempur-Pedic® Mattress is Like Moving a Giant Octopi

    It can get very tricky when moving a large item upstairs and when you reach the top you have to find a way to maneuver it a certain way just to get around the corner and take it to the destination where you want to place it. Even though it might be a huge bulky mattress they are somewhat flexible which lessens the difficulty of this part of the move. Make sure to have help and pay attention to your surroundings so you can prevent injury and damage to the item.


  1. Strip all the bedding and pull the mattress off of the box spring. Set the mattress on its edge, running lengthwise.

  2. Research the stairs you will be climbing and look for any damaged stairs or wall fixtures to avoid. Make sure there’s no items on the stairs that may cause you to trip.

  3. Stand at one end of the mattress with someone at the other end and lift the mattress with both hands as your partner does the same and then move the mattress towards the stairs.

  4. Stay toward the middle of the stairs to avoid any wall art or light fixtures. Set the mattress on the floor of the landing when you reach it and slide it toward the next flight of stairs. Turn the mattress into a vertical position to maneuver it around small landings. Turn it back lengthwise and climb the next flight of stairs.

  5. Lift the mattress up high to move past any railing at the top of the stairs. Carry the mattress to the new room