(Moving) - Movers Block. Yeah We All get It. Here's How We Deal With It

Moving can be very stressful and aggravating particularly if you have many boxes and a lot of loose items,especially when it comes to the part of loading a truck and you seem to get stuck on what goes where. In our experience as professional movers what we found that was most helpful was to start by loading the back of the truck with boxes that go together, such as large boxes go with other large boxes, medium boxes go with medium boxes and small boxes go with other small boxes. This begins to create a wall at the back of the truck and it also gets the boxes out of the way.

    *TIP: Once you created that wall of boxes at the back of the truck you may encounter gaps on the sides. To fill those gaps find loose items or long skinny items such as poles, leg stands, or any miscellaneous items that may fill that gap.


After that wall of boxes is created start by finding any rectangular items such as rectangular tubs or rectangular furniture and start stacking them. (When you’re stacking items think of it as you’re simply playing a game of tetris, that makes your move that much easier and smoother). Once you’ve completed that step start by bringing in larger items such as desks, counter tops, refrigerators etc. Bringing in heavy and larger items and stacking them against the wall of boxes you have created protects and puts force against the boxes and makes your items secure. Next step that we found that was helpful was bringing in mattresses and box springs and placing them against the larger items and it also starts building another wall. (If you have chairs you can stack them on top of the mattresses as well.) After that is completed that’s when you can start bringing in headboards and couches and stacking couches on top of each other. Once you have completed all of those steps and bringing in all those heavy and large items that’s when you can start placing all of your loose and miscellaneous items such as bikes, bbq’s, lawnmowers tools etc. Remember the key is to always think of it as a simple game of tetris and that may make your move that much easier and also fun!!  :)