Just Another Day As A Mover

Just Another Day...


As a newer member of the movingfellows team, I recently finished my second move. Originally a four person contract for three hours but being a last minute request we were only able to scrounge up three of us.


It ended up being an apartment on the third floor of the building with elevator access that created an interesting bottleneck challenge to the move, as we could only move as much as could fit in the elevator at a time. With that in mind we decided to create staging points for each of us as one would move items from the apartment to the top of the elevator while another one of us would bring items down to the lobby, and I lastly worked from the lobby to the Uhaul. As the one responsible for most of the packing into the Uhaul (the Master Packer) it left me with the organizational challenge of making sure everything fit. As with most all moves we have to assess upon arrival whether or not everything will fit solely from looking through what items are scattered around the initial home. This can be a challenge as not everything is as simple as stacking boxes snuggly together.


With a large amount of the clients items being boxed however it allowed for a great deal of consolidation and allowed me to utilize the majority of the space available. Once all the boxed items are in place we proceed usually to lite items that have unusual shapes that can be easily set above the stacked boxes securely to keep what space is left clear for whatever large items of furniture that are left in the home.


Once we were able to get everything in, it becomes a much simpler process upon arrival at the final destination. As soon as we had a clear understanding about where certain items would go in the new home we proceeded to empty the Uhaul as quickly and  efficiently  as possible.


In comparison to loading, unloading can be a fairly swift process. Were as we have to try to puzzle together every item as compact and consolidated as possible, unloading is quite straightforward often taking ⅓ of the time.


All and all it was a smooth move that lead to more satisfied customers.