(Moving) - How to Park a Rental Truck

When renting a moving truck you may not be familiar on how to drive, park or even use it, it may be tricky and scary at times. Make sure to always set the parking brake when parking to ensure that the truck won’t go anywhere. When you’re facing downhill make sure to turn the wheels towards the curb and when you’re facing uphill turn the wheels away from the curb. When backing up make sure you have someone behind the truck to guide you because many rental trucks have blind spots and make it extremely hard to see. Also make sure that the ramp is not extended while the truck is in motion. What you shouldn’t do is push the gas all fast and have the truck sort of jerk, just simply ease on the gas while parking to avoid any mishaps. Always make sure that there’s no pedestrians around or small children while parking because you don’t want to have any injuries to happen. But overall if you follow these simple steps and you’re careful about it parking a rental truck should be no problem.