Fun in Ory-Gun

Some Reasons to Come to Good Olde Ory-gun


Doesn’t matter if you’ve lived here your whole life or are just moving here for the first time. Oregon has an abundance of energy and activities, from the vast selection of breweries and wineries dispersed all around the Willamette Valley, to the ski slopes and hot springs throughout the Coastal and Cascade mountain ranges.


Much of the excitement and fun to be had culminates in the array of festivals that happen throughout the Summer time. Anything from the Portland Blues festival to the Oregon Country Fair, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.


As a local born and raised in the Eugene/Springfield area I’ve experienced my fair share of Summers and Winters here, and something that’s always stood out is how excited people get once the sun comes out. Not so surprising when you think of how much of the year we spend without it. Goes to show that when you only have something for so long you tend to appreciate it more.


This rings true with how many Oregonians and those who come here during the Summer spend their time outside playing.


Whether you like just sitting back and relaxing down by the river or getting in the middle of a parade of people, here are some sites that can help you find something going on around you.