Firsthand Experience

    I (Ryan C) am movingfellow, I’m your friendly neighborhood student mover who’s willing to assist anyone who needs help moving. I’ve been with the company for several months now and i’ve had many great experiences being apart of this team. No matter what i’m always willing to meet new customers who need help with a move such as loading or unloading a truck. What I really enjoy the most is driving to the customers house and just talking to them and getting to know them. One thing I enjoy doing while being on the job is giving customers helpful tips on how to load or unload a certain way, how to pack boxes, how to place items so they fit properly etc. What I usually tell a customer when they ask, “what’s the proper way to load a truck” my response is simple, i say “think of it as a game of tetris, try to place items that go with each other”. Many people tend to find that helpful because it is like a game of tetris and everyone loves tetris. Overall though I really enjoy working for this company, not only does being a mover keep you in great shape it also gives you the luxury to meet and communicate with customers and also provide them with great service and tips on how to move!