Eugene, Oregon. A Place I Call Home

On behalf of, we’d like to welcome you to Eugene, OR.

It’s safe to say the weather is partly cloudy with a 90 percent chance of rain, and you probably can’t wait to unpack the remaining boxes on the kitchen floor.  In turn, we’d like to take a moment and familiarize you with this place we call home.


Before you pull out the old umbrella and rubber boots, we ask that you take your time here in Eugene. Keep an open mind. Breathe freely. Although Eugene may be small, and lacking big box shopping centers, bumping night clubs, or a decent radio station, it does however offer a culture, people, and landscape that might surprise you. They don’t call Eugene the “Emerald City” for nothing.


This is a spunky, fresh, rather moist, sometimes dank, green place that sits at the southern end of the Willamette valley.  We are a college town. We are a thriving community that subsists in and around the confluence of the Willamette and Mckenzie rivers.


We say things like: “That’s chill”, “Quack”, “Wanna hike the butte?”

We wear things like: socks with birkenstocks.

And, we eat things like: yogurt, filberts, and tofu.


We have world famous smallmouth bass fishing on the Umpqua river, smelly hippies at the Saturday Market, and humble bagels (try our favorite ‘get up and go breakfast place’ at the Humble Bagel co. ). We wrote about some other great places to eat and drink here, follow the link:


Do you know that Eugene (aka track city) is home to the Summer Olympic trials?


Did you know the Nike co. first got its start right here in a local garage?


Do you know the University of Oregon’s football program is among the best in the nation?


Did you know this is the Grateful Dead’s favorite place to play?


Do you know this is the grass seed capital of the world (note: get yer Clariton on)?


Do you know that Eugene is the Top 5 Bike-Friendly City in America?


Did you know everyone here has webbed feet (i.e avg precipitation: 50.9 in/yr)?


Do you know about the Merry Pranksters and their psychedelic-enigmatic bus named “Further”?



Founded by the late pioneer Eugene Franklin Skinner in 1862, the town, once known as “Skinner’s Mud Hole”, rapidly grew through the twentieth century as a result of the local timber, farming, and fishing/game industries. The city of Eugene, in this way, is very much indebted to it’s local soil, bio, and fauna. It is for this reason that Eugenians, and other Oregonians alike, deeply value sustainability and the health of the local environment. To this day Eugene, Oregon is a significant player when it comes to these value aspects. For instance:


Eugene gains “85 percent of its energy from wind-generated and hydroelectric sources. In 2007, the city introduced a hybrid public transit system, which was awarded the Sustainable Transport award in 2008. Eugene plans to be carbon neutral with no waste by 2020.”  - USATODAY


To get a good idea of how special our landscape can really be, you will need to immerse yourself. Get outside. Breathe the fresh air. Talk to the animals in your new environment. Eugene offers a vast array of running and bike trails that are great for getting to know this place. You may not be into it, but we invite you to come run with us movingfellows! Give us a call.  


Here is a link that offers depictions and information regarding a number of trail systems in the area.  Here is a link that illustrates many of our hiking trails.


Whether you are a college kid trying to get your degree, a parent trying to raise a few good kids, a small business trying to make a name for itself, an outdoorsman enchanted by the feeling of being ‘deep in the woods’, or a duck fan trying to get your ‘quack’ on… Eugene is the place for you!!!