Are You Sure You Want to Move A Piano By Yourself?

If you plan to move a piano, hopefully you hire professional help or if you decide to have friends help instead you will have to give them clear and concise instructions to avoid damage to the piano.


  1. Always be sure that the piano is easily accessible from both sides.

  2. Make sure that the piano’s new location is suitable. You don’t want to move it into a cold area or next to a heating device.

  3. Reassure that the lid is lowered and locked

  4. Make sure each person is positioned on each end of the piano if you are moving an upright piano.

  5. Move the piano endways and not sideways

  6. Always make sure to life with your knees and not your back to avoid injury

  7. Make sure to not strain the legs of the piano if you have to move it on carpet or a threshold

  8. Move the piano slowly and at a few inches at a time

  9. Put at least three persons around a grand piano, one at each leg

  10. Take enough weight off the casters to make it roll more easily, but make sure to not lift off the floor

  11. Make sure to life the casters over bumps in the floor, one leg at a time