Fellows Services

Slogan: Help Wanted. Evolved. 

Mission Statement: Fellow’s seeks to provide an array of practical home services at competitive rates, while delivering a convenient, on-demand, and transparent shopping experience.

Path to Success: In 2009 we started out as college guys offering basic ‘pack and load’ moving services at the University of Oregon. Operating remotely from our dorms with dollies and moving blankets, we provided muscle and a friendly helping hand. Today we continue that practice while offering additional services - from moving to cleaning to landscaping and more.

+ Focus on customer need and the rest will follow.

When we launched our first service, moving, we focused strictly on providing affordable moving muscle, and less on the malarkey that typically corresponds with full-service moving. We realized that a majority of customers prefer to rent their own truck, pack their own fragiles, and hire ‘pack & load’ moving help to do the heavy lifting. With our help, customers discovered the fact that they could save thousands of dollars via DIY moving.

We will all be freelancers one day? The future of work is about people living and working in ways they want. People should be able to work when they want, where they want, and at their own accord. That also means ‘Pride in ownership’ because it fosters feelings of self-worth and belonging within a community. At Fellows we want to create a world where people can do what they love most efficiently. We want to create a platform that recognizes individual merit, provides a spotlight for individual character, and promotes worker autonomous solutions for customers in need. We want to capitalize on the technology of peer-to-peer e-commerce to reshape a antiquated service industry that spends more time trying to tell customers how great they are instead of creating real value. The true value of services comes down to the individual, because the individual is the one performing the real work. The future of Fellows is a stage that promotes valuable services by democratizing the service arena, and giving individuals a greater voice. We are focused on home-services for now. 😊

+ Convenience is king.

We want to help create a world where it is easier to ask for help. A key piece for creating such awareness is providing a convenient shopping experience. We want to provide customers with the ability of requesting a workforce of their choice, at a time of their preference. We want to provide an alternative means of ordering homeservices by issuing customers with power of choice and selective control. We want to design a platform that eliminates the planning inherent in scheduling traditional home services, while giving the customer the peace of mind and control associated with choosing among a list of our properly trained and equipped staff in their area. We want to be as convenient as pizza delivery.

+ The customer is always right.

Since the customer’s home is our workplace, then that also must mean that the customer is commander and chief of operations. Inspired by this revelation, we have a heightened interest in providing a service that is properly equipped to recognize the customer's specific need. Ideally, we want to supply a workforce that is readily available, primed to respond quickly to customer need, and knows that the customer is boss. The right feedback loops and operating procedures allow us to deliver a workforce capable of pioneering the very best customer service solution.

+ Most people just need a friendly helping hand.

A valuable home service is friendly by nature. People don’t open their doors to unfriendly strangers, so why would they open a door to unfriendly services? Understanding the importance of being a helping hand is a promise we want to keep. We are your friendly neighborhood home service company. We want to help people with the things that matter the most to them - their home.

Our name is a testament to this promise: Fellows defined: a person in the same position, involved in the same activity, or sharing a particular quality and condition. Since jobs take place at a customer's home, much value is placed on working in unison with the customer. For many customers, they are just grateful to get help. Having a shared experience with another human being, and providing a helping hand is worth the cost of service alone.

+ Truth is agreement.

Nobody cares how great a company thinks it is, they care what everybody else thinks of them. It’s word of mouth. When enough people agree that a service is good, then, most likely, customer satisfaction will follow. By enabling people to voice their opinion, and providing a community discussion around our services, we believe we can customize an ideal customer service experience from what customers tell us. Reputation is pivotal to any service, and the success of a business can directly hinge on word of mouth of the community.

+ Fast is better than slow.

People hate waiting, and part of of delivering executional excellence is performing a service quickly and efficiently. We are fast because our deliverables are clear, and our objectives are precise. We focus on singular tasks, not the whole enchilada. Whether that’s booking a job, sending our service providers to the job, or completing the task at hand, doing it fast is always better than slow.

+ Alike services can be managed in similar ways.

Although we offer an array of different services, each of the services are deployed in the same way. The services we choose are ones that are straightforward, take on a like staff, and only include basic hand tools. We have identified over 30 homeservices that fit this criteria. Managing these services is all about getting the right service providers from point A to point B, and that is what we have discovered we are very good at.

+ Providing useful information is a benefit to everybody.

We want to provide the very best content and information related to homeservices. Whether that’s tips, hacks, or opinions, we want to tease out the best knowledge that our workforce posses. This information can be shared throughout our workforce, consumed by our customer base, and browsed by enthusiasts and general passer-byers. All people should have access to the very best information, and we intend to be an authority in providing home service information.

+ People prefer hourly rates, not quotes.

Homeservices should be straightforward, and so should pricing. Quoting is typically an inability to properly asses job costs, or worse, a deliberate attempt to gouge customers. Our cost structure is as simple as it has ever been - hourly rates.

+ You can be valuable without a uniform.

It’s always a good practice to stay true to yourself, and not to sugar coat your services. We put great stock in our workforce–energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds with creative approaches to work, play and life. Although we may dress casual or folksy, wear beads, sport individual logos, we are who we are and we are serious about what we do.

+ Individuals provide the real work done.

When a cleaner cleans your home, or a hairdresser cuts your hair, the core value of the work done is performed largely by the individual. Micro managing a home service operation is not a necessary, and can even undermine the passion and creativity of the service provider. The men and women who make up the workforce for home services want to say "I have my own business". The value of their services is optimized when the individual takes "pride in ownership". In turn, where most home service companies have it wrong is they are marketing the business, and not the individual. Individuals, not businesses, are the ones really providing the service.

Eugene, Oregon. A Place I Call Home

On behalf of movingfellows.com, we’d like to welcome you to Eugene, OR.

It’s safe to say the weather is partly cloudy with a 90 percent chance of rain, and you probably can’t wait to unpack the remaining boxes on the kitchen floor.  In turn, we’d like to take a moment and familiarize you with this place we call home.


Before you pull out the old umbrella and rubber boots, we ask that you take your time here in Eugene. Keep an open mind. Breathe freely. Although Eugene may be small, and lacking big box shopping centers, bumping night clubs, or a decent radio station, it does however offer a culture, people, and landscape that might surprise you. They don’t call Eugene the “Emerald City” for nothing.


This is a spunky, fresh, rather moist, sometimes dank, green place that sits at the southern end of the Willamette valley.  We are a college town. We are a thriving community that subsists in and around the confluence of the Willamette and Mckenzie rivers.


We say things like: “That’s chill”, “Quack”, “Wanna hike the butte?”

We wear things like: socks with birkenstocks.

And, we eat things like: yogurt, filberts, and tofu.


We have world famous smallmouth bass fishing on the Umpqua river, smelly hippies at the Saturday Market, and humble bagels (try our favorite ‘get up and go breakfast place’ at the Humble Bagel co. ). We wrote about some other great places to eat and drink here, follow the link:


Do you know that Eugene (aka track city) is home to the Summer Olympic trials?


Did you know the Nike co. first got its start right here in a local garage?


Do you know the University of Oregon’s football program is among the best in the nation?


Did you know this is the Grateful Dead’s favorite place to play?


Do you know this is the grass seed capital of the world (note: get yer Clariton on)?


Do you know that Eugene is the Top 5 Bike-Friendly City in America?


Did you know everyone here has webbed feet (i.e avg precipitation: 50.9 in/yr)?


Do you know about the Merry Pranksters and their psychedelic-enigmatic bus named “Further”?



Founded by the late pioneer Eugene Franklin Skinner in 1862, the town, once known as “Skinner’s Mud Hole”, rapidly grew through the twentieth century as a result of the local timber, farming, and fishing/game industries. The city of Eugene, in this way, is very much indebted to it’s local soil, bio, and fauna. It is for this reason that Eugenians, and other Oregonians alike, deeply value sustainability and the health of the local environment. To this day Eugene, Oregon is a significant player when it comes to these value aspects. For instance:


Eugene gains “85 percent of its energy from wind-generated and hydroelectric sources. In 2007, the city introduced a hybrid public transit system, which was awarded the Sustainable Transport award in 2008. Eugene plans to be carbon neutral with no waste by 2020.”  - USATODAY


To get a good idea of how special our landscape can really be, you will need to immerse yourself. Get outside. Breathe the fresh air. Talk to the animals in your new environment. Eugene offers a vast array of running and bike trails that are great for getting to know this place. You may not be into it, but we invite you to come run with us movingfellows! Give us a call.  


Here is a link www.eugenerunningcompany.com that offers depictions and information regarding a number of trail systems in the area.  Here is a link http://www.everytrail.com that illustrates many of our hiking trails.


Whether you are a college kid trying to get your degree, a parent trying to raise a few good kids, a small business trying to make a name for itself, an outdoorsman enchanted by the feeling of being ‘deep in the woods’, or a duck fan trying to get your ‘quack’ on… Eugene is the place for you!!!


(Moving) - How To Hire Movers

If you’re looking for help on simply loading and unloading your belongings from a moving truck then it’s best to hire movers instead of going with a full on moving company. If you already have a truck or just renting one a good alternative is to hire movers to help you load and unload your belongings.


  • When you’re looking to hire movers to help you load and unload your truck for you, they need to know what exact job it is so they can give you an accurate quote. Keep in mind you’re only hiring them for labor not for the truck rental

  • Make sure to know the size of the truck you’re renting so the movers can know what needs to be loaded and unloaded and also your itemized goods that also need to be loaded and unloaded. The movers will need to know if you have any particularly heavy pieces of furniture so the movers can know exactly how many movers will be needed for the job. Its also important to let them know if you have stairs or not.

  • Check craigslist. Many movers like to advertise themselves on Craigslist. Once you log onto Craigslist a direct link should be provided in the resources section. First click on the state you live in, then your city where you need to have the loading and unloading done at. Scroll down and look under the services heading. Click on Labor/move.

  • Thoroughly look through the movers who are advertising themselves for hire. Make sure to read each ad carefully and choose a couple to email

  • Make sure to ask questions when you decide to go with the movers you want to hire. Ask questions like if they are insured and also ask for references. Often students offer moving services so hire the ones that you are most comfortable with.

  • Call moving companies to hire movers to load and unload

(Moving) - How to Get a Discount at UHAUL (UHAUL discount codes?)

Renting a moving truck can get a little expensive. Especially if you factor in gasoline, moving supplies, and storage rooms. Moving can become very expensive. Some moving companies may participate in matching prices with competitors however U-haul does not offer price matching. One thing U-haul does offer though is discounts and it’s still possible to get a lower cost for your move.


  • Make sure to verify with U-haul rental to ensure that it matches your rental needs. If the rental is not the exact size you asked for from the exact location that you requested and available for pick up at the exact time you requested, the company will pay you $50. This $50 can be applied as a discount on your rental.
  • Check the “Discounts and Specials” section of the U-Haul website. You can view current promotions that are available to renters. These promotions can save you money on trucks, storage, moving supplies and other items. To apply a discount, click on the promotion link.
  • Use a U-Haul discount code to receive a discount off your rental. Many online websites advertise discount codes you can use.
  • apply for a business services account. U-Haul usually offers discounts to businesses that rent frequently. To apply for a business services account, complete the online request form or telephone a a business services manager at 800-528-6042

(Moving) - "What Size of Truck Should I Buy?"

Today, Jim, a customer in Eugene, Oregon wanted to know what size of truck he should rent from Penske. To approximate the size of truck Jim should use, we asked him a series of questions:


Q1: How many bedrooms do you have?  


     Jim’s Answer: I live in a two bedroom apartment, and moving to a 4 bedroom house in Springfield,



Q2: How many boxes would you say you have, and how many large furniture items?


      Jim’s Answer: I have about 25 boxes, 1 large couch, 2 loveseats, a kitchen table (with chairs) an  

                            armour, a treadmill, and 1 large TV.


Q3: What about appliances? What about outdoor furniture? Anything else?  


     Jim’s Answer: I have no appliances that are going. No outdoor furniture. However, I do have

                           a small storage room full of my company’s construction equipment.




Based on what Jim told us, the solution to his question wasn't necessarily clear.  Normally, a two bedroom apartment (given the items listed) would fit into a 16’ truck; however, the ‘construction equipment storage room’ makes the calculation a little more problematic. To get a better estimate we asked Jim to measure the dimensions of the storage room. He told us that the room was 4’ x 5’ and 6’ tall, and that the room was completely filled. Based on those dimensions, purchasing a 16’ truck seemed a little sketchy. In turn, we advised Jim to aim and get a truck size larger. Jim is currently deciding to go with the 26’ Penske truck.


Here are a few other tips and things to remember when deciding upon your truck size:


  • The size of truck that you may decide upon can often be dictated by availability. Be sure to plan well in advance. Just because a rental truck provider lists a particular size, doesn't mean that they actually carry it for the date or time requested. In turn, they might not carry the truck you are looking for, and you may need to go with a smaller size.

  • Your truck should be large enough to accommodate 10-15% more than what you own. This is to ensure you're going to have enough room. Too much room is better than too little. Besides, the next size up, in regards to pricing, may only be slightly more that the size before it ($10-$30 more). Doesn’t it seem safer just to go with the larger truck?

  • Compare the actual volume of the rental trucks. Truck sizes (in cubic feet) vary from one agency to another. For instance, the truck rentals from the company UHAUL typically exhibit wheel wells (metal humps) which take floor room, and make packing a truck difficult in their proximity difficult. Here is a link to common misperceptions of trucks, and a side by side comparison of their actual volume differences.

  • Survey your belongings.  Tally all your items, take approximate cubic measurements, then find the total cubic footage. Keep in mind, fragile items (e.g. glass hutch) or bulky items (e.g. dining room chairs, outdoor furniture, treadmills, bikes) take up a lot of room because they arn’t safe to stack, or won’t stack. If you are struggling with these sorts of calculations try free “Truck size calculators” like this one:  http://www.pensketruckrental.com/moving-truck-rental/moving-and-storage/house-moving.html

  • Don’t be scared of driving the larger truck. A smaller truck size doesn’t necessarily make the drive any easier than the larger. Too often a customer purchases a smaller truck only to learn that they must make multiple trips. Note: mileage on the truck is very expensive (typically around $0.70 a mile), and so is gas (to fill up a 24’ truck typically costs around $210) . Remember, companies wouldn’t rent their trucks out to customers if they felt it might endanger the general public. We have seen 80-yr-old Grandmas drive large 26’ trucks with rather ease.

  • Another factor that might affect your decision, especially if you are traveling a long distance, is fuel cost. Diesel fuel is less expensive than gasoline and some moving truck companies offer larger trucks with diesel engines. If you think it wouldn’t hurt to go a size up and you want to save on gasoline, try out a fuel calculator to see if you can save some money.

(Moving) - A Budget Truck Experience

On November 6th 2012 my fellow moving partner and I received a call about a load and swap. A load and swap is typically a job when we simply either load or unload a truck into another truck. In this particular situation we were unloading a 16’ truck and loading it into another 16’ truck. When we arrived on site I noticed two 16’ budget trucks on the side of the street. One truck was facing forward and the other one was facing the opposite way. When i finally spoke with the customer she began to explain to us that she’s moving from Seattle Washington to Phoenix Arizona but while she was on her way to Phoenix her truck that she rented broke down twice before we even got there.

(Moving) - Movers Block. Yeah We All get It. Here's How We Deal With It

Moving can be very stressful and aggravating particularly if you have many boxes and a lot of loose items,especially when it comes to the part of loading a truck and you seem to get stuck on what goes where. In our experience as professional movers what we found that was most helpful was to start by loading the back of the truck with boxes that go together, such as large boxes go with other large boxes, medium boxes go with medium boxes and small boxes go with other small boxes. This begins to create a wall at the back of the truck and it also gets the boxes out of the way.

    *TIP: Once you created that wall of boxes at the back of the truck you may encounter gaps on the sides. To fill those gaps find loose items or long skinny items such as poles, leg stands, or any miscellaneous items that may fill that gap.


After that wall of boxes is created start by finding any rectangular items such as rectangular tubs or rectangular furniture and start stacking them. (When you’re stacking items think of it as you’re simply playing a game of tetris, that makes your move that much easier and smoother). Once you’ve completed that step start by bringing in larger items such as desks, counter tops, refrigerators etc. Bringing in heavy and larger items and stacking them against the wall of boxes you have created protects and puts force against the boxes and makes your items secure. Next step that we found that was helpful was bringing in mattresses and box springs and placing them against the larger items and it also starts building another wall. (If you have chairs you can stack them on top of the mattresses as well.) After that is completed that’s when you can start bringing in headboards and couches and stacking couches on top of each other. Once you have completed all of those steps and bringing in all those heavy and large items that’s when you can start placing all of your loose and miscellaneous items such as bikes, bbq’s, lawnmowers tools etc. Remember the key is to always think of it as a simple game of tetris and that may make your move that much easier and also fun!!  :)

(Moving) - Should I Rent a Truck or Get a POD?

Typically when you move you think of getting a rental truck and the costs of it and also how much mileage they’ll charge you, moving can be very stressful! However the customary method of truck rental and hauling possessions is no longer the only method.  Another method is a storage pod! Storage pods are portable storage units you can rent monthly, daily, or weekly. The storage company will pick up the pod and either store it or deliver it to your new location.


Renting a truck

    Typically truck rentals are limited in terms of the usage period and incur charges when that period of time is exceeded. Pods don’t incur time charges until the delivery company picks up the pod for storage. Keep in mind that you can also load items into the pod at any time of day or night. Both pods and truck rentals allow you on how to manage how you move your belongings from one place to another. You can easily save money and the time you spend, as opposed to hiring a truck and moving crew as a package.


(Moving) - What a Californian has To Say About Moving to Eugene, Oregon

Southern California to Eugene, Oregon?? Might seem like a huge change, in fact it might be. If you’re from Southern California you might be used to sunny skies, nice weather, fast paced type of living right? Well Eugene life is a little more slower than that of California. The culture, people, food, even the streets may seem different. If you’re from SoCal you’re probably used to 5 lane freeways, highways stacked on top of each other, but once you get to Oregon it’s mainly a two lane highway that connects you to all the major cities in Oregon.  I guess you can say that makes driving a bit easier and less confusing than driving in Southern California. One thing though that Eugene has that Southern California may not have all the time is clean brisk air without the smog or pollution. This makes “Track town USA” which is the nickname for Eugene easier to run in and not worry about inhaling dirty air. If you like laid back living, slow paced lifestyle and hippies than Eugene is the place for you. Also keep in mind that Oregon has no sales tax which makes shopping less expensive :)

(Moving) - Who's Got the Bigger Truck?

So, you want a big moving truck to move your big house, but you’re wondering which one of the big three rental companies (U-Haul, Penske, Budget) in Eugene, Oregon is actually the biggest. Below is a side by side comparison of their largest truck sizes.  



26 ft U-Haul Truck                     26 ft Penske Truck                    24 ft Budget Truck


(23'5" L) x (7'8" W) x (8'3 T)     (24' L) x (7'5" W) x (7'5" T)       (24' L) x (7'5" W) x (7'5" T)

(179.5 square feet of floor space)   (192.9 square feet of floor space)   (178 square feet of floor space)


The important calculation to take note of between all three of these trucks is the actual square feet of floor space. The less floor space, the less room there is to make stacks. Lesser stacks means taller stacks. The taller the stack, the greater potential for damage because of instability and sheer weight.


Here are a few other things to consider:


  • U-Haul trucks typically have the wheel wells on the floor space. This also takes up a lot of unnecessary space.

  • U-Haul rentals have other equipment attached to the wall. This takes up space.

  • U-Haul trucks do have a "Mom's Attic" that we did not include in the measurements as it is only suitable for small/light items.

  • Penske trucks are rarely more than 2-3 years old. Their box sizes may differ slightly as they are constantly improving their design.






(Moving) - The Appliance Dolly

Typically an appliance dolly is used to move heavy appliances. Sometimes the weight of the appliances can be extremely heavy and bulky. Dollies are sometimes used by professional moving companies to load appliances and furniture onto moving trailers and vans. Straps attached to the dolly are sometimes used to make sure the appliances are in place. The wheels on the dolly make moving the appliances up and down stairs easier.


  1. Make sure to pull the appliance away from the wall and to unplug it.

  2. Turn the appliance so that the heaviest side is facing the dolly.

  3. You can also measure the width of the appliance to find the center point. Position the dolly so that its center is in the middle of the appliance’s center with the lift plate of the dolly facing the appliance.

  4. make sure to ask someone to help you tilt the appliance off the floor once it's placed on the dolly

  5. if the appliance has an electric cord make sure to tape it onto the appliance

  6. Then move the appliance to where you want it and then slowly tilt the dolly forward until the appliances rests squarely on the floor.

(Moving) - How to Park a Rental Truck

When renting a moving truck you may not be familiar on how to drive, park or even use it, it may be tricky and scary at times. Make sure to always set the parking brake when parking to ensure that the truck won’t go anywhere. When you’re facing downhill make sure to turn the wheels towards the curb and when you’re facing uphill turn the wheels away from the curb. When backing up make sure you have someone behind the truck to guide you because many rental trucks have blind spots and make it extremely hard to see. Also make sure that the ramp is not extended while the truck is in motion. What you shouldn’t do is push the gas all fast and have the truck sort of jerk, just simply ease on the gas while parking to avoid any mishaps. Always make sure that there’s no pedestrians around or small children while parking because you don’t want to have any injuries to happen. But overall if you follow these simple steps and you’re careful about it parking a rental truck should be no problem.

(Moving) - What is hireahelper.com?

Have you ever wondered how you can hire a mover to come and help with your move and load and unload your truck. There’s many websites that you can go on and be able to hire some help. One website is “Hireahelper.com” on this website you can compare rates the price you see is typically the price you pay. The drive time is included in the rate as well which is why they ask for your zip code. You can also read customer reviews. The reviews you read are actually from the customers and never filtered or edited.  So after you select the company you wanna go with,  you book their services right on this website. Enter your billing info and then you’ll receive a confirmation email and after that the company you decided to pick will call you and give you any more details you may want to know. A good thing about “Hireahelper.com”  is  if something happens such as the truck breaks down or one of the workers gets ill if you give them a call they’ll do whatever they can to find another provider for you and assit you with your move. But the most important thing is that this website is able to give you various options on different moving providers and gives you the choice to pick and have the best provider come and assit you with your move.

Moving A Tempur-Pedic® Mattress is Like Moving a Giant Octopi

    It can get very tricky when moving a large item upstairs and when you reach the top you have to find a way to maneuver it a certain way just to get around the corner and take it to the destination where you want to place it. Even though it might be a huge bulky mattress they are somewhat flexible which lessens the difficulty of this part of the move. Make sure to have help and pay attention to your surroundings so you can prevent injury and damage to the item.


  1. Strip all the bedding and pull the mattress off of the box spring. Set the mattress on its edge, running lengthwise.

  2. Research the stairs you will be climbing and look for any damaged stairs or wall fixtures to avoid. Make sure there’s no items on the stairs that may cause you to trip.

  3. Stand at one end of the mattress with someone at the other end and lift the mattress with both hands as your partner does the same and then move the mattress towards the stairs.

  4. Stay toward the middle of the stairs to avoid any wall art or light fixtures. Set the mattress on the floor of the landing when you reach it and slide it toward the next flight of stairs. Turn the mattress into a vertical position to maneuver it around small landings. Turn it back lengthwise and climb the next flight of stairs.

  5. Lift the mattress up high to move past any railing at the top of the stairs. Carry the mattress to the new room

Are You Sure You Want to Move A Piano By Yourself?

If you plan to move a piano, hopefully you hire professional help or if you decide to have friends help instead you will have to give them clear and concise instructions to avoid damage to the piano.


  1. Always be sure that the piano is easily accessible from both sides.

  2. Make sure that the piano’s new location is suitable. You don’t want to move it into a cold area or next to a heating device.

  3. Reassure that the lid is lowered and locked

  4. Make sure each person is positioned on each end of the piano if you are moving an upright piano.

  5. Move the piano endways and not sideways

  6. Always make sure to life with your knees and not your back to avoid injury

  7. Make sure to not strain the legs of the piano if you have to move it on carpet or a threshold

  8. Move the piano slowly and at a few inches at a time

  9. Put at least three persons around a grand piano, one at each leg

  10. Take enough weight off the casters to make it roll more easily, but make sure to not lift off the floor

  11. Make sure to life the casters over bumps in the floor, one leg at a time

My Experience Moving To Eugene, Oregon

My experience moving to Eugene was very unique. First of all my name is Ryan Chico and I am a fellow student mover who works for movingfellows. I’m here to tell you first hand about my journey moving from Los Angeles California to Eugene Oregon. Living in LA can be tough, especially with this economy now a days, I looked into places to move to and Eugene caught my attention. I embarked on my journey to Eugene and once i hit the Oregon border i seen a huge difference from California, it seemed like once you crossed that border it got a lot colder. Cold weather was something i was not accustomed to but i had to realize that i had to adapt to the cold. Overall I would say my experience living in Eugene Oregon has been wonderful! I love the college atmosphere, the bar life and the small local restaurants. Anyone who is looking to live in Eugene, Oregon i highly recommend it, less crime as oppose to california, not as fast paced and beautiful scenery. Just remember to bundle up and keep warm because Eugene can get mighty cold and wet!

Bend at The Back Not The Knee's...Wait That's Wrong.

Packing boxes and picking up heavy furniture during a move can be rough and extremely tough on your body. You want to ensure that you always follow the proper techniques on how to lift items properly to prevent injury.


  • Make sure to keep a wide base of support. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other.

  • Squat down, bending at the hips and knees only. If you have to put one knee on the floor and your other knee in front of you, bent at a right angle *half kneeling*

  • Always maintain good posture make sure to look straight ahead, and keep your back straight, your chest out, and your shoulders back. This helps keep your upper back straight while maintaining a slight arch in your lower back.

  • Slowly lift by straightening your hips and knees and not your back. Keep your back straight and don’t twist as you lift.

  • Hold the load as close to your body as possible, at the level of your belly button

  • Use your feet to change direction taking small steps

  • Lead with your hips as you change direction. Keep your shoulders in line with your hips as you move.

  • Set down your load carefully, squatting with the knees and hips only.

Why There Got To Be So Many Types of Dolly's

When moving large items having a tool that can assist you in many ways is essential, such as a dolly. There are many types of dollies and they all have their different types of advantages. One type of moving dolly is a furniture moving dolly, usually furniture dollies have wheeled platforms made of either aluminum, plastic, wood or steel. They come in various designs and shapes in order to allow people moving to place any type of heavy equipment on them. The prices of furniture dollies depend on how simple or complex the specific dolly is and you can find them at coast ranging from thirty four to three hundred dollars.  Another type of furniture moving dolly is the carpeted solid type. This dolly makes it possible to carry furniture without causing scratches on the furniture items. It is therefore a good type of dolly to use when moving delicate or valuable furniture such as antiques. Carpeted dollies have thick layers of soft carpet on their platforms that can also help a person moving heavy furniture from hurting his or her legs on the sharp edges on corners present in other types of dollies. The other type of dolly available is the rubber end dolly. This dolly has a standard design made with hardwood that rests on swivel wheels. These dollies have a rubber layer that covers the platform’s surface that is ideal for protecting furniture from scratches. It also protects the legs of the person using it from injury while also grabbing the furniture item on it firmly. This will ensure that the furniture does not fall from the dolly when someone is moving it.