Professional Cleaning Solutions

This service can be scheduled on the fly, anytime of day, and also on a regular basis. Customers order our services to complete final inspections, to clean up after a party, and season cleaning. Originally we had the intent on helping people with the move-out process, but people liked the service so much we implemented “Repeat Clean” action  into the existing checkout.

People need a service that involves one, two, or three brawny fellows who have a little elbow-grease and friendly knuckle fat to apply to the cleaning service solution - we do just that.

We offer a customized on-demand cleaning service at competitive prices. In fact, we are so competitive that will price match the hourly rates of our competitors. If you find a reputable company (licensed and bonded) that offers less than $35/hr/cleaner, please let us know.


We dust up high, we scrub down low. #cleaningfellows

Residential Services

cleaner image-480p-1a0a8cd6-740c-4913-9c72-d00e69eab21b (2).gif


  • Floor & carpet
  • Bathroom sinks, toilet, bath
  • Scrub dishes
  • Dust furniture
  • Wash windows
  • Wipe down countertops and cupboards


  • Cleaning products: All-purpose, Disinfectant, Glass, Bathroom, Stainless-steel
  • Wash cloth, brush, sponge, pad
  • Broom, mop, vacuum
  • Duster
  • Utility Bucket
  • Step stool


  • $35/hr/cleaner
  • 2 hour minimum labor
  • 30% Markup on additional cleaning supplies (upon request)
  • Billing for your move begins when pros leave to the job site and ends when the pros return from the job